bimmer-tool (earlier B-tool) is an OBD diagnostic tool for BMW F/E series and android devices.

It allows you to:

  • read / clear fault codes from various modules like engine, CAS, airbags
  • view live data like coolant temperature, boost pressure, air mass and many more
  • read DPF regeneration status and detailed information
  • request DPF regeneration any time
  • reset DPF adaptation values (required after filter replacement)
  • read injectors adjustments
  • read actual and expected values for air mass, intake manifold pressure, fuel pressure
  • log data to CSV file for further analysis
  • register battery replacement (without changing battery properties)
  • reset lamps circuits blocked due to short-circuit error
  • reset oil service or change interval (for cars below mid 2007 K+D-Can cable required)

Note taht older engines like M47 DDE3, M57 DDE4 or pertol engines up to 2007 require K+DCan cable connection.